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Okay, so I may or may not be posting a new imagine up today. Its an Ashton imagine, about the first time he says he’s in love with you and I just… I’ve been working on it for the longest time. So I really hope you guys like it. 

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    Can people request imagines?

Yes they can :)

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    Do you do ships? (:

Yes I do

You Surprise Him in Australia (Part 2)

Calum: After a long flight, you had finally touched down unto Sydney. “We have arrived in Sydney Australia, please fasten your seat belt for landing.” This is it, you were finally here. After months of not seeing Calum you were finally going to be able to hug, kiss and cuddle him. You smile slightly at the thought and sigh. You couldn’t help the feeling that washed over you. As soon as the plane landed, you quickly gather your stuff and walked out of the plane. Turning on your phone, you dial Luke’s number.

“Hey, my plane just landed. Are you at the airport?”

"Yeah, I’ll be waiting by the terminal area"

"Alright, see you then" 

Collecting your luggage, you soon set out to find Luke. Out of all the boys, he was the only one that actually knew of your plan. When you had told him about it he couldn’t be anymore excited. “Oh, thank goodness. Calum’s been moping non-stop” he said over the phone. You smiled at the thought of Calum missing you. It was cute and sweet how much he wanted you to be there, but now you were. And you couldn’t wait to spend your time with him. As soon as you walked into the terminal area you found Luke. It wasn’t that hard, you just looked for a really tall, blonde guy surrounded by girls. Chuckling quietly, you made your way over to him. “Luke!” You called him across the room. His eyes suddenly looked up and met yours. He smiled widely and made his way over to you. He pulled you into a hug. “Calum is going to be so surprised” he said. 

Leaving the airport was a little harder than you expected. By the time you were out and driving, a new rumour had circulated about you and Luke. Your phone rang with notifications. You shook your head and sighed “So much for the surprise” you thought. Luke cut the engine, as soon as you arrived at the house. “Listen, I’m sure that Calum doesn’t believe in any of it” he reassured you. As much as you wanted to believe him, a part of you didn’t want to. You nodded in agreement and went of the car silently. When you entered the house, you spotted Calum sitting on the couch. Coming up behind him you quickly put your hands around his eyes. He quickly pulled them off and turned around. The look on his face almost made you tear up. He was angry, you can tell. His face was scrunched up and his mouth stuck out to a pout. “Calum..” you started “whatever you heard or saw, is not true” You huff out. Calum turns around and smiles. “I know, babe. Luke texted me earlier.” You look at Luke in disbelief. “Don’t worry babe, its still cute you tried to surprise me” Calum said, laughing


Walking quickly to the elevator, you dragged your suitcase down the lobby hoping to catch the open doors. Sticking out your hand you heard the doors ding open. You stepped inside the empty lift and hastily pushed the button to your floor. You were finally in Australia after being 3 months apart and you were super stoked. You had requested to be on the same floor as your boyfriend Michael. Now normally you would share a room but Michael didn’t exactly know you were coming or that you were already here. The boys had gotten sick and tired to Michael’s constant whining and sulking so they had planned for you to stay for the rest of tour.

You heard the ding of the elevator as it finally arrived at your floor. You quickly gather your suitcase and walked out into the hallway. After spotting your room you swiped your room key and stepped inside. It only took you a few seconds to look around the room. It wasn’t very big but it was beautiful nonetheless. Whipping out your phone, you called Calum to tell him that your were here.

"Hey Cal it’s me"

"Oh hey (Y/N). Are you here?"

"Yup and I’m already checked in. Where are you guys?"

"Just out, okay listen I’ll just sneak out and we’ll get the plan ready. Just meet me outside of my room"

"Okay" you say before hanging up.

You walked over to your suitcase, pulling out pile of notepads. You were there to surprise Michael but that didn’t mean that you weren’t going to make him work for it. Uncapping a pen you start to scribble down little cute messages and clues that will lead him to you. After about half an hour, you hear a knock on your door. Sitting frozen on the chair, you slowly got up. Carefully tiptoeing to the door you look out the peephole only to find Calum standing in front of your door. Unlocking it, you peek your head out into the hallway. Opening the door slightly wider, you quickly motion for him to come inside. 

After giving each other a quick hug, you pull him over to the desk. “Alright, I got most of it done” you say, waving the now filled notepads in front of him. 

About after an hour of posting them all over the hotel building, you quickly go back to your room and prepare for the surprise. You couldn’t wait to see the look to Michael’s face when he saw you. You knew that he would probably take a long time until he found you so you decided to read to pass the time.

Another long hour had passed when you heard a knock on the door. You smile at yourself and quickly check yourself in the mirror before opening the door. When you were finally satisfied, you opened the door wide and ran into Michael’s arms.

You stood there embracing each other for sometime. Neither of you wanting to let the other go. And in this moment, traveling across the world. Almost getting fired from your job and having to run around the city, was worth it. Cause finally you were together again. 

A/N: Wow this took a hella of a long time to write. Sorry I was gone for so long, I just got caught up with life and I haven’t had inspiration, but with the new EP, the concert tickets and the new music, I thought maybe I could try writing. Thank you so much, for reading and I hope you enjoy. I know it’s long and probably not as good as I wanted it to be. Anyways ENJOY!

Anonymous said:
    Could you make an imagine about how I cut, and I've tried to commit suicide before. But then I meet Ashton, and not everything is better, but it starts to get better. And we don't start to date right away, but we eventually get there? And maybe make a part of it where I'm really bad, and Ashton walks in and saves me? Sorry it's so long, I've always wanted to see an imagine like this. Lol, my name is Ivy, btw. Hopefully you do it! :) thanks. Xxxx

I am so sorry sweetheart but I don’t really like to romanticize cutting and suicide. I just think that so many people suffer from it and while it is good to get help and have somewhere there for you, I just believe that we shouldn’t be romanticizing something that’s so important and so delicate. But if you do request something else I could always do that instead.

Anonymous said:
    Which of the boys are single? Lol sorry

All of them :)